What is Hot Shot Trucking?

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Hot shot trucking is an auto transport service in which small car haulers pick up and deliver a small number of cars. Hotshot trucking, or hot shot trucking, is a pretty simple concept. A heavy-duty pickup pulls a flatbed instead of using a traditional semi-trailer truck. In trucking, the term hotshot usually refers to either the truck or the freight. In most cases, it refers to both. Hotshot is a trucking concept that took hold in the oil fields of Texas where pickups were in high demand to deliver parts to pumping operators and offload drilling stations. Most large auto carriers transport many vehicles across long distances to easy-to-access locations, so hot shot trucking is able to fill an important niche.

Normally, a Class 3-5 truck is used in combination with a variety of trailers to run for-hire freight, whether for a single customer or less-than-truckload, but there are exceptions. Hotshot freight is in high demand by the customer to get it to its destination quickly